Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Speaking Up For America

Is America the greatest country? Since my youth, I have believed it to be.
I grew up thinking that I was the luckiest guy, living in the best of times, and in the best place. America

To hear what so much of the "traditional mainstream media" is saying or implying about the USA today, one could certainly draw
the conclusion that the United States has lost its way and needs the help of other nations or the United Nations to get back on

Horse Hockey!

I recently spent 9 months in Iraq and have worked more than 11 years around the globe for American companies. If you haven't
done this, and 97% of Americans have not, then consider me an authority on the subject of what country is the greatest.

For today, how about these two nuggets:

I happen to live in a RED state. I don't believe, as Ted Rall does, that all my neighbors are unsophisticated, uneducated
Neanderthals. Nor do I believe that all of Ted’s neighbors, in BLUE states, believe that they are superior intellectuals. What I do
believe is that 80% of the population of America is being manipulated by an elitist media cabal and being educated by
treasonous academicians cells.

Today being Pearl Harbor Day, ask yourself, where would we be if, in 1941 we had asked France, which was soon to be a
province of Germany, if it was OK to go kick the snot out of the axis power that just bombed our military in Hawaii?

I think we should go our own old fashioned way!