Folks, this is not about Spaghetti-Os; it’s not about the USA’s relationship with the dictator of Spain from 1936 to 1975; and it’s
not about some mortgage company, Gardner Franco American, in Maine, that I didn’t even know existed until I started writing

In my 62 years, I have traveled to 39 countries and have lived and worked overseas for 12 of the last 26 years. Since my return
from Iraq in 2004 and relocating to Florida, I have spoken to a lot groups and clubs. Without fail, I am always asked: (1) “what
was it really like in Iraq and the Middle East?” (2) “What’s your favorite place that you’ve visited?” and (3) “what’s the place you
liked least?”

There is not space here to give you the answer to number one. The answer to number two is Greece, the birthplace of Western
Civilization. And the answer to number three is “if I have to pick one place as my least favorite, it would be France. It’s not that I
really didn’t like France, I just can’t stand the French.”

This article is about the people and culture of France and the people and culture of America.

America owed a debt to France for their support of our Revolutionary War of Independence. “Political Correctness” ends here.
And we repaid the debt to them by fighting three wars in their behalf and liberating their country twice. The debt is fully paid
with interest. So I feel free to tell it like it is about the French at will.

The French, as a nation, are arrogant, lazy, liberal, immoral, cowardly, self-absorbed, prissy, hairy, and, oh did I mention, smelly
little commie people. I wouldn’t drink a bottle of their Bordeaux or Perrier if I were dying of thirst. That’s called principle.

Fellow Americans, we’re on the slippery slope of becoming French. If you can’t take a little heat, and I mean conservatives,
liberals, and libertarians alike, then you should probably quit reading right now.

The French became the way they are because they had a revolution and were then educated to believe in and pledge
allegiance to any system that would give them some of the privileges enjoyed by the aristocracy prior 1799. All the while
Western European immigrants, coming to America, were self educating themselves about what was in the Constitution and the
Bill of Rights and taking those few privileges and building a great nation around them.

“Fast forward” 200 years from 1799. If you understand “fast forward” then you must know about VCR and DVD players. Is use of
those “toys” a privilege of the American aristocracy? Our government must think so. It takes money from taxpayers and gives it
to non-taxpaying citizens and non-citizens alike to buy these toys. This is not a myth. I’ve seen it with my own two myopic eyes.

We are in a subtle revolution in America for the soul of the country and too many are sitting it out. IGM, I got mine, is the mantra
of the sitters. Well, I care about my kid and grandkids. I want them and their progeny to have the opportunity to make America
even better. But this takes some effort.

The froggy little leftists get out their peace signs and march in front of some of this country’s most sacred places while most do
jack. The fourth estate puts the marches on TV, and many just sit there and complacently watch it. Have you risen from your
recliners and done one damn thing to support our conservative troops, military or civilian?

If all you want to do is exercise your privilege to bitch and moan, don’t hold me or mine responsible when your recliner is
handed over to an orange picker, to sit in for a while, before he heads back to Monterey to get his new Social Security Stipend.