The Geneva Convention and longer standing Diplomatic Convention Treaties are “RULES” agreed to by nations.

I believe that the Islamic Republic of Iran agreed to conventions to protect a Foreign Embassy as “Sovereign Territory.”  What
happened for 444 days beginning in 1979?
Some of the 66 US Embassy hostages, held in Tehran, were “American Uniformed Armed Forces, clearly protected by the
Geneva Convention.  Were their rights violated?  Clearly they were!

Islamofacists, and some of their state sponsors, do not go by the rules!!

The United States of America needs to reinstitute covert CIA Operations to go kill our Islamic Terrorist enemies and break
their stuff, wherever found, operating by their rules (none).  America, and in reality Western Culture, is in a war, more vicious
than the cold war against Soviet Communism, and we’re losing.

This war is made all the more difficult to prosecute because America’s enemies have secret intelligence agencies also, at the
New York Times and the US State Department.  Why do these two institutions hate America so?


Where did this 72 heavenly virgins crap come from?  The Koran?  I’ve lived for 62 years and I haven’t had one yet to know
what 71 more would be like.  But my faith says that I would be breaking one of the “Big Ten” if I slept with 72.  Is 71 acts of
adultery a heavenly reward?