We want and need your help!
We hope you will do three things for us.

  1. Read this entire web page.
  2. Participate in our opinion research.
  3. Join MOVE-OVER.org.

There is an organization called MOVEON.org that claims 3.5 million members and further claims raising
over $15 million for “Progressive Causes.”  (Read Socialist Causes)  Their left political wing, Moveon.org
Political Action, is a federal 527 PAC operated by a 22 year old “son of hippies” from MoveOn’s
headquarters in New York City.

Our mission, at MOVE-OVER.org, is to marginalize everything MoveOn does or supports.  This begins by
building an association bigger, better informed, and more active than theirs.  

We sincerely solicit your participation.

The Internet is a marvelous media.  In American colonial times, Pamphleteers, such as Thomas Paine,
having no other means, wrote their superb treatises and passed them around hand to hand.  The internet
affords us the opportunity to communicate the “Rights of Man" amongst millions instantly.
If you will, please participate in a brief (5 question) survey.  We would appreciate it.  You will be
linked to the survey page by clicking our beautiful Eagle at Left.  
You'll also see a block for your name and email address.  You may enter it there or, better than
that, when you join MOVE-OVER.org further down this page.
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THANK YOU! and please read on
As we said at the top of the page, we need your help.  First, we need some good old fashioned American
Volunteerism.  So many people that we talk to say "my one voice and vote don't count for much anyway."  This is
just completely wrong headed.  It's a wonderful thing, guaranteed by our constitution, that your vote, granted by
your state, and voice counts just as much as the next persons.  We do, however, understand the frustration and
the feeling of not being "heard."  That's what MOVE-OVER.org is all about.  We're your new place to be heard!

We are not in any way political party affiliated.  We are an incorporated Association of individuals who seek to
advance the bedrock principals of individual Freedom, Liberty, and Justice.  American's individual freedom and
liberty are being eroded every single day by a Federal Government that is out of control.  Does the term "creeping
socialism" ring a bell?  It will only stop and "turn around" when we send representatives to Washington D.C. who
also believe this.  We intend to keep them focused on the mission.

If you are a writer (or a wannabe writer), an artist/cartoonist, or a web whiz, we're looking for you.  Please contact
us via the link on the main page.  If you are Jane/Joe average conservative American, we're
really looking for you.  
Please get involved with MOVE-OVER.org.  There is a BLOG link from the homepage; let us hear from you.  Our
focus, for the first six months, post election, is to get an organization set up in every State.  Currently we're in
Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and California (Southern).

Here's the hard part, we have to ask you for money.  There's too much
sleaze money in our political system and we
don't have and wouldn't have a George Soros type backing our effort.  Thank you Senators McCain and Feingold.  
Until now it has mostly been dedicated volunteers getting this venture going.  We want to get a few full time staff
people to help "dress it up, flesh it out, and make our presence felt."  In other words, free up some time for the
leadership of this Association to represent your conservative views where it counts.  This requires money.

There is a small link bar at the bottom of the page with a segment captioned "ENLIST."  We hope you will.  

So what do you get for your enlistment money?  Well, every enlistee gets hard work on the part of the
MOVE-OVER.org staff who do this work for low or no wages.  We're zealots for this cause; that's why we do it.  In
addition to hard work from us, you'll get, depending on which ENLISTMENT PLAN you select, a monthly electronic
newsletter (Move-Over.org Chronicle), a "proud to display 'bumper or window' sticker" and  knowledge that you


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