Political pundits, left, right and center continue to blather about what the 2006 midterm elections signified.  It’s what pundits
do for a living.  Meanwhile most of the American electorate has tuned out and turned off “things political” and joined the
pursuit of happiness found in acquiring a PlayStation game console at twice or three times its suggested retail price.  Is there
something to learn from this?  You bet.

The pundits and the major political party talking heads must have issued millions of words about the election and Sony and
their downstream entrepreneurs have a dollar for every word. Why?  Because Sony understands market forces and the
Democrat, Libertarian, and Republican parties do not.  Sony is supplying what the market demands and the political parties are

Two times, in recent history, a political party offered PS3 quality candidates to the voters.  In 1980 Ronald Reagan supplied
what Americans demanded in 49 of the 50 states.  And fortunately he came with a “conservative term of office warrantee.”   In
1994 a conservative slate of legislators became the majority in congress with their “contract with America.”  Unfortunately, the
contract was a short term one and that group of legislators had defective parts which have now been dispatched to the

Americans are demanding consistently conservative, honest, and fiscally responsible people to represent them in our
Republic.  Americans want representatives who never forget that the USA is a Democratic Republic and not a Democracy.  
Americans want the size of their Federal government reduced and Washington’s ever increasing intrusion in their lives and
businesses stopped.

I believe there’s another “Reagan Revolution” coming unless Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand gets amputated by some
bureaucrat.  And, in your humble correspondent’s opinion, Newt Gingrich is the only potential candidate on board the
revolutionary train because he never got off.  I applaud his courage.

Others may join soon.  We’ll see.