According to a recent ABC NEWS poll, sixty five percent (65%) of Americans “approve of spanking.”  We at MOVE-
OVER.org don’t put much stock in major media polls, but for the sake of an argument, we’ll just accept this one as
correct.  For those of you who studied “new math” in government schools, that’s very very nearly 2 out of 3; or put
another way, nearly 2/3rds of Americans approve of spanking.  Got it?  

Thirty one (31%) of Americans, in the poll, do not approve of spanking.  Now our editorial board wants me to point out
that we still do the “old math” here, so we realize that 65% + 31% = 96%.  We don’t know in what this missing 4%

Here’s our take on the data.  31% are mostly BSers.  65% are RSers.

BSer =         (Blue State, pointy headed, self absorbed, progressive, liberal, socialist, and full of BS democrats).  

RSer =         (Red State, conservative, libertarian, traditional and family value oriented, Republican Spirits).
                  (In fairness, there is a good sprinkling of “Reagan Democrat” blue staters in the 65%)

So what does all this lead up to?

If you are not registered to vote, you deserve an Ass Whuppin’.
If you are registered to vote, and didn’t, in the 2006 primaries, you deserve a Butt Strappin’.
If you don’t vote on November 7, 2006, you deserve a Rear Rappin’.
And if the democrats take over congress, you deserve to stand in the corner, facing the wall, for two years while they
give it to you right up the posterior.

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