State in State

Since the 1930s, the Department of State has become a government within a government and a department that serves the left
by manipulating the Fourth Estate through ‘leaks.’  Does the name Harry Hopkins ring a bell?...probably not if you went to a
government run school in the last two and one half generations.  If one wants to know, what is the Fourth Estate? Don’t look to
Wikapedia since it returns a blank page. Interesting!  

Nowhere in the labyrinthine structure of our federal government will one find a more entrenched, self serving, left leaning
bureaucracy than at State.  This is especially true of the ill named Foreign Service.  The Foreign Service mentality is so like the
top level of the Former Soviet Union that the comparison actually frightens me a bit.  Orwell could have used them, down on the
farm, as role models for those more equal than others.

If I were brainwashed by the PC drive by media, I would probably insert a qualifier here, something like…I know that there are
some good, dedicated people at State/FS  but…Well my comment to you FSers, all of you, is this:  Get your house in order!  
Expose every individual in your organization that would give aid and comfort to enemies of liberty and freedom.  Your cushy life
style is being paid for by today’s taxpayers and bygone generation’s blood.”

Now, to make such bold statements, it has been my experience that credentials are required.  Here are mine.  I lived and worked
12 of the past 25 years in the Middle East.  I advised a few Congressmen and Senators on Middle East policy.  I politely
prosthalatized for my Faith and promoted my countries traditional values while doing my very best to respect my host countries
laws and customs. (Very unlike most of the DOS/FS personnel that I’ve known)  I made good friends among the mostly Muslim
nationals with whom I worked.  All the while, helping my company, the evil,
redacted, earn reasonable profits on shareholder’s

If your credentials are equal to or more impressive than these, then please feel free to post a response.  If they are not, open
your eyes and your mind to what I’ve said and absorb it without comment.

In 1983, I had the pleasure of meeting someone at the Dharhan, KSA Consulate who did give service to a few US Nationals.  His
name is Gunnery Sergeant (
Name Redacted) and he got me a cold beer from the guard detail’s stash.  After a 5 month drought,
well I think you understand my affection for the Gunny.  I do hope his mind wasn’t corrupted by the mindless he guarded.